Zaptas consultants come with a rich experience of leading multiple upgrade assessments followed by execution of the upgrade projects. As part of the upgrade assessment, our methodology focuses beyond technical objects and the effort estimation. The assessment is extended to leveraging the new system effectively by using of best practices, thereby minimizing the on-going support costs. Zaptas methodology revolves on:

  • Study
  • Analysis
  • Propose
  • Implement
  • Measure
  • Support

An analytic study is performed to understand the as-is system to the extent of customization, business processes implemented, interfaces, criticality, complexity, stability and the system maturity. After analysing the existing landscape and the requirements, business benefits that the customer is looking at from the upgrade, the roadmap is proposed. System health checks, adherence to the standards and effective usage of the system is measured after the upgrade. A detailed report on the "low hanging fruits" with the benefits is provided to the customer.

Zaptas believes in true partnership. While the focus is to have a successful upgrade, equal focus is given on sharing the know-how with the customer. End of the upgrade, we expect our customers to know on how the program is handled completely, sharing our experiences with them on day to day basis.