Sap Fiori is a modern User Experience Product which is owned by SAP which is used to build sap applications. This Sap Fiori is a package with collection of standard business application for common business activities. SAP Fiori is the new client experience (User Experience) for SAP programming. It applies modern design plan standards for a totally reinvented client experience. It provides a set of applications that are used in regular business functions like work approvals, financial apps, calculation apps and various self-service apps. SAP Fiori provides 300+ role-based applications like HR, Manufacturing, finance, etc. SAP Fiori provides all business roles in real time on compatible hand devices. It offers business roles on easy to use functions, simple with unmatched responsiveness on desktop, smart phones and Tablets. Fiori Sap apps are internally developed by using sapui5 and OData services. AP Fiori enables multiple device applications that allow users to start a process on their desktop/laptops and to continue that process on a smart phone or on a tablet.

There are five design principles for SAP Fiori UI5. These principles make SAP Fiori simple and decompose the different transactions into simple task based UI applications.

  • Role-Based
  • Responsiveness
  • Simple
  • Seamless Experience
  • Delightful


SAP Fiori apps are divided into three categories. They are distinguished on the basis of their function and infrastructure requirement.

  • Transactional Apps
  • Fact sheets
  • Analytical Apps

Prerequisites to Learn SAP Fiori

The following are the requirements for learning SAP Fiori

  • ABAP program and objects
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • SAP UI5
  • ERP Implementation experience
  • OData and SAP NetWeaver Gateway

Advantages of Sap Fiori apps

  • You can able to access Fiori Apps from anywhere and also from any device like from example Desktop/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile.
  • Except Database operations all functionalities executed at client side only, due to this Fiori app are stateless.
  • Performance wise fiori apps perform fast compare to ABAP Apps due to server didn’t overload during Execution.
  • Under browser based apps fiori apps will come.
  • In general Fiori apps supports almost more than 150 screen elements for screen designing like Table, Text, Radio button, Road map, Panel, Auto complete, Combo Box, and Shell etc.
  • Screens of fiori apps are light weight.
  • Fiori supports 3 types of OData services for data base interaction such as OData External, OData Hana and Odata ABSP Services.
  • Fiori Apps are role based and as a consequence easier and quicker to process.
  • Fiori apps now allow you to process all your old EES applications from the same Fiori Launch Pad, you no longer need to login on several systems.
  • It is fully integrated with SAP HANA and as a result your HANA reports and facts sheets appear "at an instant".