How To Increase Sales Of E-Commerce

By Ankur- 13-Jul-20171 Comments

Electronic Commerce refers to buying and selling good and services online.The advantages of E-Commerce business are:-

  1. E-Commerce improves the brand image of the company.
  2. E-Commerce reduces paper work a lot.
  3. E-Commerce application provides user more options and quicker delivery of products.
  4. E-Commerce application provides user more option to compare and select the cheaper and better option.
  5. Customers need not to travel to shop a product thus less traffic on road and low air pollution.
  6. E-Commerce helps reducing cost of products so less affluent people can afford the products.

To run your e-commerce business you need to choose responsible persons & follow following strategies given below:-

1) Up-Sell & Cross Sell products:- Up-sell means when you buy a product, but within a few short years, you’re looking to upgrade. that’s when you could be up sold to a better.
Cross sell means when a business knows you going to need other item’s related to it.

2) Eliminate Withdrawn Carts:- It means the carts that are been cancelled by the customer due to the price & additional fee.

3) Fresh Content:- You should regularly update your website with fresh content for crawling by Search Engine. Regularly update can increase your website ranking. Updated Information attracts the user towards your website.

4) Go social:-

  • Experimenting with Instagram.
  • Implementing a store on Facebook.
  • Allow users t create wishlist.
  • Generating more customer reviews.
  • Regular update on website according to the market.
  • We can directly sale our products through social media campaign.

5) E-mail marketing:- It means to keep in touch with our clients and send them proposal. With the help of e-mail marketing we can easily and quickly reach target markets without the need of large quantities of print space, television or radio.

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